Efficient and Healthy Schools Campaign Webinars (Past)
Webinar 1: Ongoing Monitoring and Analytics for HVAC Performance

The webinar on May 6th featured two awardees from the campaign’s recognition program: Davis School District, UT and Adams 12 Five Star Schools, CO.

Presenters also included campaign staff and technical experts, who shared best practices for using energy management and information systems (EMIS) to improve HVAC performance and operation through fault detection and diagnostics, benchmarking, and commissioning.

Webinar 2: HVAC Inspection and Maintenance for Indoor Air Quality

The webinar on May 20th featured two awardees from the campaign’s recognition program: Newark Board of Education, NJ and Mariposa County Unified School District, CA.

Presenters also included campaign staff and technical experts, who shared best practices for implementing an inspection and maintenance policy to ensure adequate ventilation and effective filtration for good IAQ. Discussion topics will include utilizing approaches to aid systemic inspection of equipment, performing testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) to verify HVAC performance, ongoing workforce training, and additional steps to ensure effective filtration and optimized performance. 

Webinar 3: Team Approach to Support Strategic Investments in Efficient and Healthy Schools

The webinar on June 15th featured two awardees from the campaign’s recognition program: Boulder Valley School District, CO and Charleston County School District, SC.

Presenters also included campaign staff and technical experts, who shared best practices for engaging the school community in strategic planning and investments for efficient and healthy schools. New Buildings Institute shared highlights from their recently released Decarbonization Roadmap Guide for School Building Decision Makers. Discussion topics included collaborative approaches to involve the school community in setting quantitative energy goals and innovative methods to communicate building performance improvements.  

Webinar 4: Efficient HVAC for Indoor Environmental Quality

The webinar on July 14th featured speakers from Greenville County Schools, SC and kW Engineering.

Greenville County Schools, SC received recognition as a Best in Class awardee for using technical specifications for HVAC retrofits, resulting in reduction in energy costs and improvements in energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality. They shared their insights into this topic. kW Engineering shared best practices to ensure that HVAC retrofits meet energy goals and provide a healthy learning environment. Discussion topics included using an integrated system approach that includes a set of efficiency measures to achieve greater energy savings.  

Facilities Planning, Retrofit Trainings, and Design Guidance
National Council on School Facilities - Facilities Planning Training Videos

The National Council on School Facilities has prepared informational videos to support effective practices for facilities planning. In addition to the training videos, examples of each type of plan are also available for schools as a reference.

Zero Net Energy School Retrofit Trainings

New Buildings Institute offers webinars and workshops on how existing K-12 school and community college buildings in California achieved zero net energy performance. Slides and recordings are from 2018. 

The Process for Zero Energy K-12 Schools: The Next Series of ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides

This is a seminar series on how to achieve the zero target through practical approaches including HVAC design. Talks include successful zero energy case studies, as presented at the 2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference. 

Association for Learning Environments - Educational Facility Planner

The Association for Learning Environments (A4LE) connects professionals and supports the planning and design process for school facilities. A4LE Educational Facility Planner houses articles on school facilities planning and design. 

EPA Webinars and Recordings
Healthy Indoor Environments in Schools On-Demand Webinars

USEPA has a series of webinars on the principles and best practices for maintaining healthy learning environments with a focus on reducing risks for airborne infectious disease spread.