Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Rengie Chan Wanyu (Rengie) Chan, Ph.D., is a Staff Scientist and Indoor Environment Group Leader in the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Her work focus on characterizing indoor air quality and implications to human exposures in residential and commercial buildings. She recently completed a research project studying indoor air quality and ventilation in California classrooms, working in collaboration with UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center. Dr. Chan serves as the point of contact for the Efficient and Healthy Schools Campaign. She also manages the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sponsored website that summarizes the state of knowledge on indoor air quality and health. Dr. Chan earned her Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of California, Berkeley in 2006.
Cindy Regnier Cindy Regnier, P.E., P.Eng., LEED AP, is Technical Leader for Commercial Building Systems at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the U.S., and Executive Manager for FLEXLAB®, the U.S. Department of Energy’s newest building technologies testing facility – the Facility for Low Energy Experiments in Buildings. FLEXLAB is Berkeley Lab’s series of experimental testbeds focused on RD&D of integrated systems and grid enabled controls. She also manages several research projects focused on deployment of low energy systems and technologies. These include the development of integrated systems incentive programs for utilities, and 2030 District scale solutions focused on small commercial, working with a number of U.S. cities. Prior to joining LBNL in 2009, she spent 13+ years on design of innovative, integrated HVAC systems, including AIA COTE Top 10, LEED Platinum buildings, and a 200,000sf carbon neutral science museum. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada, and she holds professional engineering licenses in California and Ontario, Canada.
Mischa Egolf Mischa Egolf is a Technical Associate at New Buildings Institute (NBI). Mischa applies her engineering background to conduct data analysis, create data visualizations, and complete technical research. Through building science expertise, Mischa quantifies the energy, cost, and carbon impacts of energy efficiency and decarbonization measures in both the residential and commercial sector. Mischa supports school districts in the Efficient Healthy Schools Program by onboarding new participants, supporting technical assistance efforts, and contributing to resource development.
Reilly Loveland Falvey

Reilly Loveland is an Associate Director at New Buildings Institute (NBI), a national non-profit organization dedicated to research and developing leading edge practices and technology applications for high performance buildings and translating them into innovative and practical solutions for building professionals, government agencies and utility energy efficiency programs. At NBI, Reilly focuses on energy efficiency in schools, which includes work developing educational opportunities and resources for a better understanding of healthy, energy efficient, carbon neutral schools. The program’s focus is on drastic energy and carbon reduction in K-12 schools to ensure optimal spaces for students and staff to work, learn, and play. Reilly also designs and develops NBI workshops, public engagement materials, and other technical and market transformation resources.  Reilly has received several awards including USGBC Women in Green, USGBC Center for Green School’s Ambassador Award, and the NEEA Rising Star Award for her work advocating for sustainable schools.

Shannon Oliver Shannon Oliver brings experience with energy performance contracting, net zero building design, greenhouse gas inventories, water conservation, and waste management and reduction. He has a BS degree in Environmental Health from Colorado State University and a Master of Public Health degree in Global Environmental Health from Emory University. His professional experience includes six years of air quality and environmental regulatory compliance for the oil and gas industry, and over seven years as the Manager of Energy & Sustainability at Adams 12 School District in north-Denver, Colorado. Shannon has supported the Efficient and Healthy Schools Program, the Energy CLASS Prize program, and a variety of school district sustainability planning efforts during his time with New Buildings Institute.
Alastair Robinson Alastair Robinson is an Energy and Environment Technology expert with 18 years of technical and project management experience in consultancy and research environments. He received a BSc in Geology from Liverpool University and an MSc in Technology and Innovation Studies (Industrial Policy and Environmental Technology) from the University of Sussex’s Science Policy Research Unit. His experience is in concept, detailed design and engineering of community and district-wide mechanical energy systems, and commercial building energy efficiency research and development, and technology field demonstrations. Alastair’s recent projects have comprised technology demonstration and deployment in commercial buildings and in LBNL's FLEXLAB commercial building testbed, and research into the potential for district energy in California and the U.S. He is a Project Manager for BETO's Agile BioFoundry consortia, the objective of which is to accelerate industry development of renewable biofuels and biodegradable materials.  
Jordan Shackleford Jordan Shackelford is a Principal Scientific Engineering Associate in the Electronics, Lighting & Networks Group at LBNL. Jordan has over 12 years of research and implementation experience with energy efficiency retrofits in the built environment, with a focus on emerging lighting and controls technologies. His project portfolio covers a range of building types from studies in commercial office environments to technical assistance and retrofit package characterization for school facilities as well as residential electrification readiness research. Jordan works in LBNL's FLEXLAB on experimental design, testing, and analysis and has worked on LED and networked controls field demonstrations and on utility-funded LED street and area lighting and controls projects. He holds a Masters Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford’s Atmosphere / Energy Program.
David Landman David Landman is an energy and sustainability expert with over 25 years of experience, including 20 years of EMIS experience working with big data analytics in educational, healthcare, life science, federal, commercial and industrial facilities. His experience includes analyzing and developing central plant, HVAC, and IAQ projects.
Sydney Applegate

Sydney Applegate (They/She) is an ORISE Science Technology and Policy Fellow in the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office (BTO). Sydney supports the Efficient and Healthy Schools Program and the Building Energy Data and Tools Portfolio. They previously worked at ICF where they supported the data analytics team for DOE’s Better Buildings and Better Climate Initiatives. Sydney also supported EPA’s ENERGY STAR commercial building program and EPA’s Portfolio Manager. They have a background in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Virginia. Sydney lives in Colorado and works out of the Golden Field Office at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) campus.

Sam Petty Sam Petty currently serves as the Commercial Buildings Integration technology manager for the Efficient and Healthy Schools Campaign. Sam has been supporting the Department of Energy in the Building Technologies Office (BTO) for several years. In the past, he worked with BTO as a contractor and an ORISE Science and Technology Policy Fellow. His past work at BTO included supporting Emerging Technologies' Technology-to-Market, Opaque Envelope, Windows, and HVAC&R Portfolios. Sam received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado Denver in 2010. Prior to joining BTO, he has worked in the coal fired steam generation industry mitigating mercury emissions, as well as on precast modular construction projects.
Tracy Washington Enger Tracy Washington Enger has worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Air since 1994. In her current position in the Indoor Environments Division, she develops, promotes and implements education and outreach programs that protect public health from indoor environmental pollutants. She has worked for 20 years on building capacity for school districts across the country to create greener, cleaner, heathier learning environments by implementing the EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools (IAQ TfS) Action Kit. In addition to the IAQ TfS Action Kit itself, she has been instrumental in the development of a suite of products to assist schools in taking action to address IAQ issues, including newly developed guidance documents on preventative maintenance, websites, National and regional in-person training events, and series of professional training webinars.
Andrea Suarez Falken Andrea Suarez Falken serves as Director of U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools and ED’s Facilities, Health and Environment Liaison, in addition to overseeing the Recognizing Inspiring School Employees Award.  Each of these are communications and outreach tools that respond to public requests for federal education initiatives that Andrea has built from the ground up.  Andrea has been a career civil servant for over 10 years, beginning her federal tenure at the Department of Homeland Security.  Early in her career, she taught and translated languages in France and Spain and worked at Georgetown University. She earned both of her degrees — a master’s from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s from Colgate University — with high honors.  She is passionate about leveraging public engagement to inform useful federal policy.