Planning Track - Energy Efficiency Plus Health

Energy Efficiency Plus Health Recognition Program Track 2023

Webinar Recordings and Slides

Jan 10 2023: Making the Case to Save Energy and Improve Indoor Environmental Quality in Schools: This webinar will discuss the process and help participants identify opportunities to advance energy efficiency and IEQ in schools. Join Berkeley Lab and New Buildings Institute to how school districts can find ways to save energy, money and contribute to overall healthier school buildings.

Feb 14 2023: Understanding Your Building Stock: Energy Benchmarking and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Assessments for Schools. This webinar will discuss utilizing energy benchmarking and IEQ assessments to set a baseline and provide insight into building performance across a portfolio. Participants will walk through how to collect the relevant data, the tools to analyze and assess, how to use this data to set measurable goals and make a plan to continually make improvements over time.

Mar 14 2023: Building Assessment Tools for School Energy Retrofits K-12: School buildings spend more on energy than on computers and textbooks combined, and as much as one third of this energy is often wasted due to poorly functioning equipment, poor insulation, and outdated technology. This webinar discusses ways that school districts can use tools such as BETTER and other assessment tools to identify cost-saving energy efficiency measures in buildings.

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