Planning Track - Emissions Reduction and Resilience

Emissions Reduction and Resilience Recognition Program Track 2023

Webinar Recordings and Slides

Jan 24 2023: Making the Case for Carbon Reduction and Electrification Readiness for School Districts: Switching to low carbon technologies and electrification has huge potential to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change. This webinar reviews pathways to reduce carbon emissions and electrification readiness for school districts to help them effectively prepare their infrastructure for the shift away from fossil fuels.

Feb 21 2023: Understanding Greenhouse Gas Tracking and Reporting in School Districts: Interest is growing among school districts to learn how to set schools on a path to zero carbon design, construction and operations. This session will discuss the process of greenhouse gas emissions accounting and the tools and resources to assess and track reductions over time.

March 28 2023: Take Action on Climate! Planning for Climate Vulnerability and Resiliency in Schools: Extreme weather like heat, wildfire, and flooding events are taking an increasing toll on schools and school communities across the country. This session will discuss the opportunities to identify climate vulnerabilities and how to plan for upgrades over time to ensure safer and more resilient buildings.

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